Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Breath: Image and sound, an introduction,” New Review of Film and Television Studies 16, no. 2: 93-97
“An Aesthetics and Ethics of Emergence, or Thinking with Luce Irigaray’s Interval of Difference,” Criticism 59, no. 2: 277-299

“Room for Critique: The Spaces of Institutional Disillusionment of 1970s U.S. Feminist Fiction,” Post45 Peer-Reviewed

“Waltz with Manning,” Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory 25, no. 1: 103-106

“On Feeling Political: Negotiating (within) Affective Landscapes and Soundscapes,” PhaenEx 7, no. 2: 96-123

Review Essays

“Stories of New Narrative,” Los Angeles Review of Books
“Indeterminacy and the Work of Critics,” V21 Collective

“Being Black and Breathing: On Blackpentecostal Breath,” Los Angeles Review of Books
“Lucia Berlin, A Manual for Cleaning Women,” Make Magazine
“How Sia Kept Breathing and Became a Formalist,” PopMatters
“Mortality Will Be Sexy,” Review 31
“Elizabeth A. Wilson, Gut Feminism,” Make Magazine

“I’m Just Normal,” Arcade

“After the Fall,” The Oxonian Review
“Toxic Literature,” Public Books

Theater reviews, including a report on Robert O’Hara’s Bootycandy, are available in the “Chicago” section of the Chicago Review website.


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